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Books in the Laura Bishop Mystery Series

Upstaged by Murder (Book 3)

When professional home stager Laura Bishop enters a competition to become the next TV home staging star, she figures it will be murder—but she doesn’t expect it to include a body. As tensions rise and rivalries rage, a coded notebook flips the script and Laura’s on the case.


But she’s not alone. Her closest confidantes pitch in by sleuthing, eavesdropping, and even staging a sting to protect those near and dear. Yet she’s still corralling a runaway teen, sparring with a handsome detective, and handling the shock of her life with a blast from her past. All while creating a cozy cabin retreat fit for first place.


Amidst constant cameras and glaring lights, Laura tries to style the stage and pull back the curtain on a killer before her career—and her life—get cut.

Staging Wars (Book 2) 


Laura Bishop’s new home staging business is growing in popularity, though not with her nemesis. Laura has long suspected established interior designer Monica Heller of sabotaging her fledgling company—and having an affair with her late husband. 


When the ultra-chic Monica is caught at the scene of a murder, Laura is plenty happy to imagine her languishing in a prison cell with bedsheets far from her normal 600-thread Egyptian cotton. But her delight is short-lived.


When Laura’s friends land on the police radar, Laura must overcome her dislike of Monica to help solve the crime. Not an easy task since Laura and Monica have been at war since second grade.

Staging is Murder (Book 1 )

Laura Bishop just nabbed her first decorating commission—staging for sale a 19th century mansion that hasn’t been updated for decades. But when a body falls from a laundry chute and lands at her feet, replacing flowered wallpaper becomes the least of her duties. To clear her young assistant of the murder and save her fledgling business, Laura's determined to find the killer. Turns out it's not as easy as renovating a manor home, especially with two handsome men complicating her mission: the police detective assigned to the case and the real estate agent trying to save the mansion from foreclosure. Worse, the meddling of a horoscope-guided friend, a determined grandmother, and the local funeral director could get them all killed before Laura props the first pillow. 

What Reviewers Are Saying About Staging is Murder

A promising series debut with pleasing characters, plenty of suspects, and helpful tips on home staging. --  Kirkus Reviews


A delicious read! Well-researched and authentic to the true life of a home stager, Staging is Murder will keep you guessing about whodunit, while taking the mystery out of marketing a home. The fun staging tips in each chapter are worthy of as much investigation as the crime. -- Debbie Boggs, Co-Founder, Staging Studios


Staging is Murder has everything any cozy reader could want in a mystery with a side of humor and so much more. -- Sherry Harris, Agatha-Nominated Author of the Garage Sale Mystery Series.


I liked how this mystery was staged from the first chapter, giving me just enough intrigue to whet my appetite for more and the more I read, the more I enjoyed what was going on throughout the tale....Overall, an enjoyable read. -- Dru's Book Musings


If, like me, you are looking for fun new hooks for cozy mystery series, you’ll be delighted to pick up Staging is Murder.  Author Grace Topping has staged a fun debut that promises more fun books to come.-- Mark Baker, Carstairs Considers

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