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Home Staging

In Staging is Murder, my main character, Laura Bishop, is beginning a new career as a trained and certified home stager. Since my experience with home staging has been limited to helping friends with their homes and watching lots of HGTV programs, I turned to experts in the home staging field to ensure that I portrayed the field accurately. 


I would like to thank Andress Eichstadt, Creative Director of Staging Studio, and Debbie Boggs, Staging Studio’s Co-Founder, for granting me access to their Facebook group, answering questions, reviewing my manuscript, and making staging suggestions. 


Staging Studio, located in San Antonio, Texas, provides training and certification for anyone interested in pursuing this vibrant and growing field. Visit them at  

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Home Staging Tips

Preparing your home for sale? Keep these tips in mind.


- Furnished homes sell faster than empty ones.



- To prepare yourself to sell your home, start thinking more like a home seller and less like a homeowner.



- Declutter your house by removing excess items and boxing them up for your planned move. Cluttered homes are one of the biggest turn-offs for buyers and will make your place look smaller than it is. 

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